WER134004 - Micro & Hex Bit Set, 17 Piece

WER134004 - Micro & Hex Bit Set, 17 Piece

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The Wera Micro & Hex Bit Set is a must for every festival-goer, as it contains a selection of useful tools for repairs on campers, tents, buses, and small objects such as glasses, shisha, e-cigarettes etc.

It features BiTorsion bits with the 'Take it Easy' tool finder system, which provides fast and easy selection of the required size, thanks to the instantly recognisable colour-coded system.

Supplied in a durable, textile folding pouch.


1 x 817 R Bitholding Screwdriver Handle with Rapidaptor Quick-release Chuck
1 x 25mm 800/1 BTZ Slotted Bit: 1 x 5.5mm
2 x 25mm 851/1 BTZ Phillips Bits: PH1 and PH2
2 x 25mm 855/1 BTZ Pozidriv Bits: PZ1 and PZ2
4 x 25mm 867/1 BTZ TORX® Bits: TX10, TX15, TX20 and TX25
1 x 822 Micro Screwdriver Handle 1/4in x 78mm
1 x 30mm 800 Micro Vario Slotted Bits: 0.23 x 1.5mm
2 x 30mm 851 Micro Vario Phillips Bits: PH00 and PH0
3 x 30mm 867 Micro Vario TORX® Bits: TX4, TX5 and TX6