KPX8806250 - VDE Alligator® Water Pump Pliers 250mm

KPX8806250 - VDE Alligator® Water Pump Pliers 250mm

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These Knipex 88 06 Series Alligator® VDE Water Pump Pliers are fitted with multi-component grips, VDE tested up to 10,000V and safe for work up to 1,000V. They conform to DIN EN / IEC 60900. Self-locking on pipes and nuts: no slipping on the workpiece and low handforce required. With a box-joint design for high stability.

Made from chrome vanadium electric steel, forged, multi stage oil-hardened. Chrome plated finish. The gripping surfaces feature special hardened teeth, teeth hardness approx. 61 HRC: high wear resistance and stable gripping. These pliers offer good access to the workpiece due to slim size of head and joint area.


Capacity: Pipe: 50mm, Nut: 46mm
Length: 250mm (10in)