KPX002015 - VDE Pliers Set in Case, 4 Piece
KPX002015 - VDE Pliers Set in Case, 4 Piece

KPX002015 - VDE Pliers Set in Case, 4 Piece

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The Knipex 4 Piece 00 20 15 VDE Pliers Set contains a selection of the most popular VDE pliers. All pliers are fitted with multi-component grips, VDE tested up to 10,000V and safe for work up to 1,000V. They conform to DIN EN / IEC 60900. The slip guard prevents any spark over from the non-insulated head to the hand. The heads are chrome plated for durability.

Supplied in a high-quality, shock-resistant plastic case. Contains the following:

1 x 03 06 180 VDE Combination Pliers 180mm; made from top-quality special tool steel, forged and oil-hardened to approximately 60 HRC for added strength and durability. It has longer cutting edges for thicker cables and gripping zones for flat and round materials.

Cutting Capacity: Hard: 2.2mm, Medium Hard: 3.4mm, Multi-Strand: 12.0mm

1 x 26 16 200 VDE Snipe Nose Cutting Pliers 200mm; made from vanadium electric steel, forged, multi-stage oil-hardened. The long half-round jaws are distortion-tolerant and feature elastic precision tips and knurled gripping surfaces with cutting edges for medium hard and hard wire. The cutting edges are additionally induction hardened, cutting edge hardness approx. 61 HRC. Ideal for all electrical installation applications.

Cutting Capacity: Hard: 2.2mm, Medium: 3.2mm

1 x 70 06 160 VDE Diagonal Cutter 160mm; with a narrow head style for use in confined areas. Forged, vanadium electric steel, multi-stage oil-hardened. Precision cutting edges for soft and hard wire, additionally, induction hardened, approx. 62 HRC. Precision cutting edges for soft and hard wire. Provides clean cutting of thin copper wires, also at the cutting-edge tips.

Cutting Capacity: Hard: 2.0mm, Medium: 2.8mm, Soft: 4.0mm

1 x 11 06 160 VDE Insulation Strippers 160mm; made from special tool steel, forged, oil-hardened. Easy adjustment to the required diameter of solid or stranded wire with knurled screw and lock nut. For stripping single, multiple and fine stranded conductors with plastic or rubber insulation.