FPPSGKP - SGKP Soldering Gun 100W & Iron Kit 30W 240V
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FPPSGKP - SGKP Soldering Gun 100W & Iron Kit 30W 240V

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The Faithfull SGKP Soldering Gun is lightweight with a heat resistant handle and suitable for soft soldering metal alloys, brass and copper. The working temperature of 400°C is reached quickly so you get a good soldered joint on any workpiece.

The SGKP gun features a safety working/indicator light so you can see your workpiece and you also know the iron is on. This Kit comes with a standard 240V (30W) soldering iron ideal for more delicate soldering, very handy de-soldering tool and a mini gripping tool for small soldering work like wires etc.

This SGKP is ideal for fine soldering and hobby work on circuit boards, jewellery and models or for repair work on electrical items. It comes with a fitted BS approved 13amp plug and cable.

The kit comprises of:

1 x SGKP Soldering Gun 100W 240V
1 x Soldering Iron 30W 240V
1 x Mini-Grip
1 x De-Soldering Tool
2 x Spare Soldering Tips
1 x Soldering Wire
1 x Resin Flux
1 x Needle Tip and Scraper Tool
1 x Moulded Case

Specification - SGKP Soldering Gun:

Voltage: 230/240V
Input Power: 100W
Max. Temperature: 400°C

Specification - Soldering Iron:

Voltage: 230/240V
Input Power: 30W