FAITLC300 - Tile Cutter 300mm

FAITLC300 - Tile Cutter 300mm

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This Faithfull dual rail, push-action Tile Cutter has a tungsten carbide cutting wheel, which is ideal for most types of tiles. It will cut tiles up to 300mm square, 210mm diagonal, and up to 10mm thick.

This cutter features a solid chromed dual rail with a ball bearing sliding handle for a consistent and smooth cutting action, rubber bump stops, graduated angle guide, and rubber feet that provide a non-slip contact point.

Replacement wheel available (FAITLCUT300W).

How to use:
Position the tile on the cutter, with the line of cut on central ridge.
Score once only the whole length of the tile using even pressure pushing forward.
To snap the tile, ensure wheel is clear of tile edge and bring handle down firmly.


Tile Capacity: 300mm
Diagonal: 210mm
Thickness: 10mm